I don’t want that chili in my pie!

This weekend, I went to a conference on meditation. The beginning of the conference was wonderful. I picked up some new techniques, and really enjoyed the exercises. Today…a slightly different experience.

So, I got home, and thought…this would be a really good time to blog.

During this morning’s session, I reacted very strongly when the speaker said that fear protects us. I have paired fear with many adjectives, among them debilitating, paralyzing, disempowering, isolating.  To me, the words protective and fear simply do not go together!

My understanding is firm on this point. Fear is a useless emotion. Fear protects nothing. Protection is desirable, although unnecessary, as nothing real can be threatened, as the Course in Miracles teaches us. Fear, on the other hand….nothing desirable there.  Fear is the opposite of love.

Fear is on the bottom rung of our Emotional Guidance System (as explained in the Abraham material).  From this vibratory stance, no good can come.

Fear…how on earth could fear protect? What could it possibly offer us in the way of protection. What form could that protection possibly take?

We don’t need fear to keep our hands out of the fire. We simply need the awareness that the fire is hot, and can harm us if we get too close to it. Therefore, fear of fire (as all other fear) is unnecessary.

When walking down a dark street, fear does not protect us.  If we are tuned in, our intuition would protect us…advise us to chose a different street to avoid danger, or advise us to take a turn.  Fear, left unchecked, would block the inspiration and guidance we need at that time to keep us safe.

Ok… Having written that out….my learning today is that messages delivered with a great deal of energy ‘against’ can not be heard. I was not quite conscious when I lashed out against the comment. The material provided during the session was fairly basic, and I was mostly zoned out. So when the comment about fear protecting us came through the fog, instead of being curious, my emotion was anger. There is something in me that raises quickly to anger when someone in a ‘position of authority or influence’ makes a comment so inherently ‘wrong’.

But….Dear Speaker, should you ever read this…I apologize. I, of all people, know that beliefs can not be proven. I have long thought that since they can not be proven, I will choose those that bring me joy. And others must choose the ones that bring them joy. If it makes you happy to believe that fear is useful…go for it! Contrast is good. I can see and appreciate your world view, and then turn toward the world view that brings me joy. And if  participants in the audience resonate with concepts that I believe are completely false…that’s ok. And in the future..should I ever hear a comment from an ‘authority’ that so completely goes against what I believe, I will intend to come from a place of curiosity and not anger. I missed an opportunity…I really wish I knew now what form the protection provided by fear takes in the belief system that says that fear is protective.

And so, as Abraham says…If I don’t like the chili in my pie…I do not need to ban all chili from my kitchen….I simply do not put it into my pie. Which is why I left….best for me to leave that bottle of chili in the pantry today!

Why am I so convinced that fear is a useless emotion? Because I know….

I am safe (I am eternal.  I have eternity to get it “right”.  The worst that can happen to me is that I would die, and that’s not so bad…death is simply a change from physical to non-physical.)

I am in control (My thoughts and my vibrations create my reality.  Since I can control my thoughts and my vibrations….I can control my reality.)

I am approved of (I am the perfect creation of a perfect creator, made in his image.  I am loved beyond understanding and beyond what I can comprehend in my three dimensional state.  If others do not  approve of me, it is simply because they do not remember who we really are.  If I do not approve of others, it is simply because I do not remember who we really are.)

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