Job Descriptions

It is never wise to perform a function that is not my own. This is true for many reasons. To name just a few of those reasons:

  • I have not been trained for the job of others;
  • I can not keep up with the latest developments and skills required to do the job of another;
  • When I do the job of another, I do not have adequate time or energy to do my own job.

Below is a chart of Job Responsibilities as laid out in the Course in Miracles. The EGO is the busiest member of the staff. However, due to budget cuts.... it might be prudent to eliminate the position, as the activities performed are not in keeping with the Vision Statement.

Job Responsibilities

Ego in Time

Me in Reality and In Time

The Holy Spirit


Love (extend love, give love, receive love, be love)


Joy (extend joy, radiate joy, receive joy, be joy)


Peace (extend peace, give peace, receive peace, be peace)


Forgive (myself, God, my brothers)




Identify, highlight and correct all errors and “sins”



Provide the answer to every question asked.



Generate the Maximum Fear Level possible without making it so intolerable that the “Me in Time” will rebel.




Create, feel, project the Maximum Guilt possible without making it so intolerable that the “Me in Time” will rebel.




Judge everyone and everything against a stringent set of rules and apply appropriate retribution for non-conformance.




Worry about what was done in the past, and what will happen in the future.





Feel and Project Shame.





Compete for limited resources.




Maintain complete focus on the Past and the Future.




Make Sickness and Death “real”.




Make endless rules, problems, comparisons, questions and activities to keep the mind confused.